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Galapagos :: Ecuador loves life
Road to the enchanted
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The warm and wet season lasts from January to June.

The cold and dry season lasts from July to December and brings cooler water temperatures, so remember to bring your wetsuit.

The Galapagos’ archipelago is located on both sides of the equator to about 970 km (600 miles) west of continental Ecuador.

Requirements for entry to Galapagos
Fernandina Island
Santa Cruz Island
Isabela Island
San Cristobal Island


The Enchanting Islands consist of 13 major islands, 6 smaller islands, 42 islets and several rocks, which cover a total area of 7850 km ².

Galapagos is known for its numerous endemic species and the studies done by Charles Darwin that led him to establish his theory of evolution.

This extraordinary natural laboratory was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.

"They are the most famous destination in the world for observing wildlife." Mark Carwardine, zoologist

Marine reserve

The terrestrial ecosystems of the islands cannot survive without a parallel adjacent marine environment protection, which is why on March 18, 1999 it was made effective the Galapagos Marine Reserve, whose limits are 40 kilometers taken from the baseline of the exterior islands of the archipelago, making this the second largest marine reserve in the world.

This area has special biological characteristics, mainly due to ocean currents from tropical and subtropical regions converging on the islands, bringing animals from around the Pacific and part of the Indo-Pacific, creating a rich biodiversity and producing also a genetic isolation curtain. The temperatures of these streams also contribute to the variety of marine ecosystems.

That is why here there is a 23% of endemism and is also a refuge for endangered species of reptiles and marine mammals such as turtles and whales that found in the archipelago their main breeding site.


Much of the charm of the islands is for their wonderful and unique species: iguanas, sea lions, turtles, penguins, boobies and much more.

Evolution & relaxing

Nature and cultural tourism

The Enchanting Islands are also the birthplace of the theory of the origin of the Species Origin by Charles Darwin, who visited the islands in 1835. Currently the islands contain one of the world's most active volcanic groups.

Adventure tourism

In the Galapagos, sports like; cycling, kayaking, surfing, diving and snorkeling can be practiced. And all of these exciting activities in a safe environment and unique landscapes.


The best way to enjoy and discover the Enchanted Islands is to stay in cruise ships and sail to each island, so you can go even to the most distant. A naturalist guide always travels on the cruise ships.

Download content of the Galapagos and have near you, the unique magic of the enchanted islands.


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