Andrew Norton

Norton's work is multidisciplinary: he is a photographer, filmmaker, producer and editor, and is full of experiences that have made him a complete artist, bringing together different perspectives at a glance.

In the last three days I have seen more wildlife than I had seen in my life.

Brendan Van Son

Van Son is a professional photographer and a travel journalist. He is the editor-in-chief at Vagabundo Magazine, an online publication that—according to its website—is “committed to the goal of inspiring travellers everywhere to hit the road and make their dreams a reality."

I thought that I was in another world, that everything I was seeing wasn’t real, but it was and it felt amazing.

Marc Reisbig

In his video, Reisbig tells the story of a wild nature documentalist, Juan Sebastian Elcano, who "takes his job too seriously, and gets so involved with the animals that he begins treating them like people.

I like to create little worlds. And after a while these little worlds get their own special atmosphere, logic and sensibilities.

Scott Pommier

Details. Those little fragments that few eyes are capable of noticing—but that can change everything—are the protagonists of some of Scott Pommier’s works.

The Galapagos Islands are a special place in the history of the world.

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