Conor MacNeill

MacNeill is in constant experimentation. His smartphone is part of his professional life. The procedure seems easy: raise the screen, focus, shoot.

I try to evoke the same sensations I felt in that place.

Esther Teichmann

There is no art that can escape from her. They serve one purpose: her work her challenges and the emotions that she awakens in us.

In images there are aspects about relationships and things about yourself that stand out, that maybe would not be visible in other way.

Jason & Keiko Hindley

The colors that the Hindleys’ chase were on display, streaking through the skies and mixing their tones according to the time of day. The Amazon is truly a living palette.

The moments I portray are fleeting; the objects and scenes remain, even though the lighting changes and disappears.

Sara Thomas

Travelling became the definitive center of her interests. Every journey she made she documented in the blog as an authentic experience for the ones interested in visiting that country.

The stillness of the water, the background noise of the jungle cicadas, the view, everything combined took my breath away.

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