Herbs or fermented grains drinks are the most emblematic of the country. Its preparation leads to a ritual that not only takes away the thirst, but gives a learning experience.

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Mote, babaco, pineapple, strawberries and orange blossom honey blend to create this refreshing drink, traditional in the Ecuadorian Sierra. This drink was born in the convents of Quito according to historians, requires cooking, but is served cold.

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This Lojan drink, of a deep red color, is prepared with a variety of herbs such as lemon verbena, mint, lemon balm, among others. It also has essence of flowers such as roses, carnations and violets that give it its characteristic color and intense flavor. It is taken hot or cold as a thirst quencher.

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An drink from the Ecuadorian Amazon that is made from the leaves of the plant of that name. Its flavor is sweet and refreshing. It is perfect to accompany tilapia maito, fried fish and other dishes of the Amazon.

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Jora Chicha

It’s a fermented drink, prepared with huevona corn. It’s one of the most important and ancient traditions in highlands communities.

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Corn Chicha

This is a refreshing drink with an ancient heritage. For its preparation, corn needs to be fermented, with water and honey, in a crock pot for fifteen days. Then, it is left in long term cooking, and then let it fresh for a while.

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Huevona Chicha

A mix of eggs, panela, beer and other ingredients give life to this drink that is refreshing and has a unique flavor, typical of Ecuador.