Ecuador is one of the country with different kind of soups. In every region, its served different types of it, with ingredients that are common from the zones they are prepared. Sometimes they are mixed between fruits from the ground and seafood to make a fusion of flavors and textures.

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Caldo de Novios

It’s a Morona Santiago dish that used to be eaten in marriages. The base of its preparation is meat and mote. Its cooking is slow and long, reason why it has a sustancious taste.

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Locro de papa

It’s a classic in the highlands gastronomy. For its preparation, potatoes and milk are used, to give it a creamy texture. It is served with avocado and cheese.

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Cazuela de verde y mariscos

It’s a thick soup made with green bananas, adding fish, shrimps, octopuss, squid and other delicious food from the seas. The mix between textures and its intense flavor, makes it one of the favorites in the ecuadorian coast.

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Its base is potatoes locro, that’s why it is thick, also it has lambs liver and lungs. It’s served in family reunions and, historically, it comes from the miscegenation times of this country.

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Guinea pig locro

Following the same locro dynamic, which is a thick soup of potatoes, this delicious food appears. This one is complimented with guinea pig’s meat, a little animal very consumed in the ecuadorian highlands. Its meat is soft and with a really intense flavor.