Feel all about senses and experiences: visit to hotels with menus focused on chocolate, specialized chocolate shops awarded international prizes, the farms that enabled the expansion of this product all over the world, and communities devoted to generating magnificent flavors and textures. Discover why Ecuador is the best place to enjoy chocolate to the fullest.

Pacific Coast


Its agricultural production makes this Hacienda a source of great delight for visitors. It is located in the Naranjal, Guayas Province, and comprises approximately 340 hectares of cacao plantations. Among the activities offered are tours of the Organic Cacao Museum, plantations and packing facilities, horseback riding, local cuisine and, of course, the cultural exchange facilitated by rural communities.

Historical Park

This is a space created to keep the culture and customs of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast alive. It is located in Guayaquil, the country’s largest city, and offers tours of the Country House, where visitors are introduced to the day-to-day life of the cacao “boom” era; and the Hacienda House, where drying and storage areas of what used to be called the “gold nugget” in those times. The Museum of Cacao is expected to open In the Historical Park, a space with different themed rooms that offer tourists an experience where they can see, smell, feel and taste both Ecuadorian cacao and its processed products. The project includes the construction of a hotel, shops and tasting points too.


Papllacta Hot Springs

Located just 67 km from Quito in the province of Napo, Termas of Papallacta offers comfortable accommodation and is a resort known for its hot springs loaded with minerals and spa treatments. Whether for cosmetic and medicinal purposes or relaxation, massage and chocolate sessions are among the most requested services.

Cotococha Lodge

This is located in the Upper Napo at Puerto Misahualli, which, due to its strategic position, offers tours to spectacular waterfalls, rivers, landscapes and tropical rain forests. The site has 22 ecological cabins and guided tours with local experts, where you can learn the ancient culture of cacao production, and the techniques and artisanship of its delicious chocolate.